Tuesday 31 July 2007

And the winner of the Poll is...

Saxon Infantry! It's a surprising winner but as it's only a matter of time before the others are done too everyone who cast a vote will ultimately be happy, I hope. Next will be the Highlander followed by the Russians and trailing in at the very end of the field, the hussar. So, the plan is to do 1 or 2 Saxons this week and the Highlander next; we can then see how long things take to develop in the real world of making templates and not having much time to do it! The Highlander will be an entirely new template so will of course take longer to do. Thank you to everyone who voted; it was a near run thing (apart from the poor hussar, who will now crawl off to some lowly dive in Gin Alley to get monumentally blitzo...).


  1. What! Where is the FRENCH uniform choice?

    Surely you aren't going to put those girly Saxons ahead of us, let alone the Scots in skirts.

    Be warned that the Kingdom of Stagonia is currently looking upon your tiny UNDEFENDED shop with a somewhat jaundiced eye.

    Correct your priorities or suffer the consequences.


  2. Your Majesty - With all due respect may I point out that not only is Tippelbruder defended by its valiant Night Watch, its deep moat and modern fortifications but that the forces of Saxe-Bearstein are pledged to defend it should it be attacked. By a lucky coincidence (and for the good of their health) the Freikorps of my cousin Count Hans Trunkenbold von Misthaufen is encamped for the summer around the town; a rougher, tougher band of ruffians your Majesty could not hope to meet.

    I remain your Majesty's most respectful servant,

    David Linienblatt of Tippelbruder.

  3. ...of course the Hussars are in Gin Alley, they PAID for it!

    and, when aren't the Hussars blitzo?

  4. Hi Murdock,

    Well, true - that's pretty much a definition of a hussar when he's feeling lucky. :-) Or, in this case, when he's not. ;-)



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