Wednesday, 7 November 2007

SYW Prussian Hussar - Regiment No. 2 Von Zieten

It's finished at last and I'm very relieved. The template is around twice the usual size, at 2000 pixels high, so that details of this complex uniform are not lost when converting the image to PNG from the original vector file.

From head to feet the colours of this uniform are: light brown fur cap, red bag, white cords; red dolman, white lace, white metal buttons, blue collar and cuffs, brown leather reinforcing patch on elbow; blue pelisse, white lace, white metal buttons, white fur trim; girdle mixed blue and white; breeches buff leather with blue over stocking with white edge; black boots. Sabretache red with white FR cipher and crown, white lace, brown leather base and straps. The shabraque was blue with red edging and white lace between.

Created in 1730, HR2 was at Prague, Kolin, Breslau, Leuthen, Zorndorf, Hochkirch, Kay, Kunersdorf, Liegnitz and Torgau.

N.B. Unfortunately uploading the 47k 256 colour PNG image results in a 550k 16.7m colour image on the blog - another instance of some bizarre conversion that takes place with files over a certain size when they are uploaded here. I don't know how to resolve this, except perhaps to host the actual hussar file somewhere else and put a link to it in this blog. Very, very annoying!



  1. Beautiful stuff as always. Do you paint that well, too? ;-)

  2. Thanks! :-)

    No, I've never got on very well painting figures. I could not manage all the fiddly stuff especially - just don't seem to have the hands (and steadiness) for it. I'm happier with a pen, pencil and paper - and now a computer drawing program.



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