Friday, 21 December 2007

Regiment St Nicholas

Happy Xmas and New Year, Everyone!

A very ancient commissariat regiment, exact origins unknown, especially renowned for reliable supply in the middle of winter using sledges, with counterparts in most Northern European countries and in North America and elsewhere.

Uniform: Red forage cap with white fur trim and white tassel; red coat with white fur trim, white buttons, wide black or brown leather belt. Red waistcoat, white buttons. Red breeches. Black boots.


Bloggerator said...

Unimpressive battle-record, but known to move very fast; depicted in Knotel as a kind of light cavalry.

Has supplied many recruits to at least one fictitious Duchy.

Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

:-) Useful extra data, that. Thanks! ;-)

Merry Xmas.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Despite a great many attempts, members of this unit have never been successfully ambushed and captured.

Their stealth abilities while accomplishing their misson are virtually unmatched -- even in literature.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

abdul666 said...

Was not the uniform *green* until quite recently – i.e. until one of the delivered goods became a sponsor of sorts?

The point is still debated among specialists, but it seems that the regiment’s colours look like that.

David said...

Thanks, Jeff, more useful data! ;-)

Happy Xmas.


David said...

Hi Jean-Louis,

Well, I think there is some debate about the uniform but I've gone with the one for which the regulations and tradition are clearest. :-) The green version could perhaps be a jaeger version for operating in less northerly climes where the land stays green even in the winter. ;-)

Happy Xmas.


Callan said...

Cavalry are mounted on horses. Camelry are mounted on camels. Surely then this must be an example of reindeerry...?

David said...

:-) But as this one is mounted on a sledge *drawn* by reindeer - I suppose it has to be *reindeer-drawn supplies* or baggage or some such thing. The point is a good one, though. ;-)