Sunday 16 December 2007

Dragoon, French Schomberg Dragoons

The Schomberg Dragoons were the former dragoons of de Saxe's Volunteers; when he died before the SYW the uhlans were disbanded but the dragoons kept on. They later became the 17th Dragoons and their uniform with the unique helmet strongly influenced the design of French heavy cavalry uniforms for over a century.

Uniform: Brass helmet with brass fittings, black horsehair crest, black fur trim. Black stock. Dark green coat, red collar, lapels, epaulette, cuffs and turnbacks. Brass buttons. Buff-coloured waistcoat (with red/yellow lace) and breeches. White inner stocking. Black
bottines. White sheepskin shabraque. (Variations in colouring in illustrations of this uniform include brown fur trim to the helmet and light buff coloured bottines.)

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