Wednesday 19 March 2008

Prussian Bosniak Summer Dress Post-1762

Something of a novelty unit, the Bosniaks originated as a single squadron attached to the 5th Hussars in 1745. They were lancers raised in the Ukraine by an Albanian jeweller named Stephen Serkis and initially offered to the Saxons, who refused to employ them so they were offered to Frederick instead. Although increased to 10 squadrons in 1763, they were never very successful and reverted to squadron strength after the war.

The fur cap may have been introduced as late as 1780 but some sources suggest it was introduced in 1762. As I don't like the early turban cap, I've chosen to show the fur cap.

The summer uniform for other ranks was all red with white lace; the brown fur cap had a red top, white (or light green) cords and white plume. Black stock. The shabraque was black with red dog-tooth edging. (Some sources suggest that a separate pistol holster and cover was also carried, in the same colours and with the FR cipher.)
The lance was painted alternately red and black. The pennon was of different colours to distinguish the squadrons; Bleckwenn shows all white, all black, all crimson, all red, all yellow and all light green, light green over red, light green over white, white over red, and black over yellow.

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