Sunday, 14 December 2008

"Ordinanza" or Regimental Flag of Sardinian Swiss Regiment Fatio, mid-18th century

Some time ago I was asked if I might do Sardinian flags - so here's one on account! I do like the wavy flames that seem to distinguish the flags of almost all Swiss regiments in foreign service.


Capt Bill said...

And a fine wavy flag it is!

Anonymous said...

Super! Will there be more to come? I'm considering building a Savoy/Piedmontese army (C.1740) in 6mm scale, and any flags of the army would be greatfully received.

abdul666 said...

In some 'alternate' 18th C. Earth where Cagliostro turned to mercenary general with his own private army recruited mainly from Italy, South-Eastern France and Catholic Switzerland, this could be a good basis for the flag of a Svizzera Italiana-recruited 'Regiment ƒellati0'...

David, feel free to delete!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bill. :-) And yes, Steve, I do plan more Sardinian flags over the next few weeks - makes a pleasant diversion from the rather more onerous work of doing the uniform templates. Thanks for commenting.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jean-Louis,

Why would I wish to delete your comment? It's a perfectly reasonable ImagiNation suggestion! :-)