Tuesday, 16 December 2008

"Ordinanza" or Regimental Flag of Sardinian Swiss Regiment Guibert, mid-18th century

And here's another of the Sardinian flags - shown with the irregularities of the original. Would people prefer exactly symmetrical flags? I rather like the real-world oddities myself.


  1. David
    Please stop!!!!
    OK don't really, great to see you doing the Sardinian flags as it means I can stop using the rather iffy images I downloaded.
    Great work as ever, when can we expect a template for dce Saxe's imaginary legionaires (well I can hope)

  2. I enjoy the historical oddities, too. And we can learn from it.

  3. The detail is much appreciated.

  4. Hi Folks,

    Thanks for the comments!

    1) :-) More Sardinian flags soon, I hope - rather tied up with doing things to make ready for Xmas at the moment, I'm afraid. I have thought about doing a template for de Saxe's troops but (as Jean-Louis said) those drawings from the posthumous version look very odd indeed and are a little offputting! We'll see, though...

    2) I'll stick with the oddities too, FB! :-)

    3) Yes, detail is the name of the game here - although finding the right detail amongst the contradictions can be difficult!

    More to come soon - thanks again.




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