Friday, 1 July 2022

French Cavalry Standard - Royal Piémont

First raised Turin 1670 by the Duke of Savoy. Given to Louis XIV 1671. Became Royal Piémont 6th May 1671.

Campaigns and Stations:

1727: On the Sambre
1730-2: On the Sâone
1734: Italy
1735: Bayeux
1741: Army of the Rhine
1742: In Bohemia
1744: Provence
1745, 1748: Flanders
1749: Maubeuge
1750: Joigny
1751; Charleville
1752: Bourges
1754: Belfort
1755: On the Moselle
1757: Hanover
1758: June 23rd Battle of Krefeld; October 10th Battle of Lutterberg
1759: Évreux
1760: Arrived too late for the battle of Corbach; but on October 16th was at the battle of Klostercamp where, with Balincourt Cavalry, it fought a rearguard action against British cavalry which gave the French infantry time to rally and make a successful withdrawal
1761: Westhofen
1763: Rocroi, where it incorporated the regiment of Talleyrand April 11th

And this was probably the uniform in 1756:


  1. Another nice royal cavalry banner!

    1. Thanks, Jon. :-) I'm rather enjoying these French cavalry standards; plenty more to do!

      All the best,


  2. You really can't beat blue and gold for a lovely classic combination, which oozes Royalty.

    1. Thanks, Steve. :-) I agree; these do set the standard, don't they? (Pun intended!)

      All the best,


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