Monday, 25 June 2007

New - 2 Prussian uniform variants with grenadier cap

And here are the 2 Prussian infantry variants with the grenadier mitre cap - which I also rather enjoyed drawing. :-)

Well, that's definitely the last of the Prussians for now - and the last template for the weekend. I just couldn't resist getting the grenadiers done and drawing the mitre cap was fairly quick (done in snatched intervals whilst looking after the evening meal which I was cooking!). :-)


Snickering Corpses said...

Excellent work, David. It's remarkable how quickly you do these, as well.

Now I get to do a bunch of work putting my uniforms in with the new templates. :)

David said...

Thanks, SC. :-)

Now that the Prussophiles are busy for a while, I must think about getting those heavy cavalry done for Saxe-Bearstein.


Bluebear Jeff said...

The "heavy cavalry", huh? Why do the dragoons always end up at the end of the line . . . except when it comes to the jobs no one else wants?

-- a dragoon

David said...

Ah, but here they're at the end of the line because it's a doddle to rattle off yet another footslogger or other - but the cavalry need time and careful attention lavished on them, as befits their exalted status... What was that famous Crimean War mot? Oh yes, "the cavalry exists to lend tone to what would otherwise be merely a vulgar brawl..." :-) Will that soothe their furrowed brows, do you think? ;-)