Sunday, 24 June 2007

New - 2 Prussian uniform variants with fusilier cap

I rather enjoyed drawing the fusilier cap :-) - here are the 2 Prussian uniform variants with it.


  1. Uh, right . . . yes,I can tell that you are "taking it easy" with your templates . . . sure you are.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff,

    No, I am, really! That last one was fairly easy and quick as I just had to draw the fusilier cap and add it to the uniforms - the work of about 30 minutes plus uploading time. I did it while having tea. ;-) But that's it for today. Next week - the heavy cavalry!


  3. Fusiliers, marvelous! Hesse-Engelburg shall order some of these as well, and await with bated breath the emergency of Prussian Grenadiers in their mitre caps and someday Highlanders for the new freikorps.


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