Saturday, 30 June 2007

Just musing...

The first template, the generic hussar, is looking a little feeble now I've had some practice drawing the templates so I'm pondering whether or not to do some more detailed and specific hussar templates. Bleckwenn's 4 volume set on the Prussian army 1753-86 came through the post today (bought s/h via Abe Books from Germany; I missed it when it came out new in the '80s!) and browsing through that has given me a lot of detailed material to use. There are many Freikorps units with exotic uniforms which often included hussars. First I'll probably do Prussian dragoons and cuirassiers, followed by some tinkering with infantry uniforms - well, we'll see...


  1. QMG von Larrabee, realizing the nature of your business, while happy to contemplate new patterns for the cavalry, would dearly love to see versions of the Prussian templates with the "Prussian" cuffs seen on the IR18 template. Over 25 Prussian (and all 4 Brunswick and Hesse-Fedoran) regiments have that particular "L" shaped cuff.

    But nits aside, they're all fantastic!

    Secretary to Landgraf Bogey von Hesse-Fedora

  2. Hi Ed,

    As you can see below, I posted in reply to your first posting one minute after this 2nd post of yours! I don't know if you have seen this yet:

    I'm glad you like them; thanks. :-)

    In fact I recently did versions of the 6 basic Prussian infantry templates with the Prussian cuff but I was hesitating about posting them, thinking that few people would be interested. So perhaps I should post them now? ;-)


    30 June 2007 22:57

  3. And now they are posted - how's that for service? :-)


  4. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the Prussian cavalry templates, as well as any revisions to the Dragoon in busby.

    And of course, when you get adventurous, Highlanders. :>

    Actually, on the simpler end, it also might be interesting to have an artillery crew template in pants and vest, without the jacket. Would make a civilian as well if needed.

    If you end up feeling whimsical, maybe some lords and ladies templates would be interesting, so that our various countries can record what color of dress the Lady so-and-so wore to the ball. ;)

  5. I believe the Prussian cuffs versions are the ones that fit the minis from Foundry that I am painting now.

    Thanks for posting them!

    I second the Highlanders and Lords and Ladies template ideas if you feel adventurous. :-)

  6. "No, no, no! Croats before Highlanders! Let us have Grenzers by the score before we see men in skirts!"

    -- not sure who said that

  7. Hi SC,

    We'll add your suggestions to the visitors' book in the shop. ;-)

    Hi FB,

    I'm pleased those new uniforms will see service with your country - and your suggestion is also added to the book.

    Hi Jeff,

    I can assure that Croats will *definitely* come along before Highlanders! :-)


  8. Hi David,
    I know of at least one ruler who dreams of a dismounted hussar template (the Prince of Hesse-Engelburg, for the Princess Gertrude's Own: " I'm pondering making this a regiment of dismounted Hussars. As noted elsewhere, the Princess' regiment simply must be pink. I think the violet facings make a nice compliment".
    Of course, before Snickering Corpses (aka "Dun.." on some Yahoo groups?) finds a suitable casting you'll have plenty of time for drawing the template; on the other end it would help him to be patient...
    The best historical precedent is the fusilier of Kermellec-Penhoët's Bretons volontaires, with mirliton & pelisse (but alas without sabretache, & with rather low boots). But the Grassins seem to monopolise the attention of manufacturers....

  9. Hi Jean-Louis,

    I'll add it to the list! I know the Bretons Volunteers uniform; it's on the Mouillard plates. Having an infantry version of the hussar template should not be too difficult to achieve.



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