Wednesday 27 June 2007

Yet another Prussian infantry uniform variant

I've had some enthusiastic feedback from another Prussophile so perhaps another Prussian infantry uniform is called for - and here it is, a more complex variant with Prussian cuffs and rather attractive lace on the buttonholes (IR 10). This level of detail is more typical of the old Prussian units rather than the new fusilier units raised by Old Fritz.

This is a slightly higher resolution image which reduces the jaggies - and is also still below whatever the file size limit is beyond which the blog starts to do funny things with the files. It looks like we're limited to very small files indeed, although I still haven't fully explored the problem and I haven't heard from Google in reply to my bug posting. Oh well - it's possible to work within the limits for now.


  1. Hello David,

    Another triumph! Nothing like a fancy infantry uniform. FYI, I was able to save and use your Hanoverian cavalry template with no difficulties.

    Best Regards,


  2. I, too, was able to save the Hanoverian cav template, though I didn't need it for my own usage.

    Very nice snazzy uniform. I've saved it, though I'm probably not going to use it simply because I haven't the skill to paint that lace on the actual figures. ;)

    I do, however, have my regiments done up in your prior Prussian Infantry, Musketeer, and Grenadier templates. I need to take time to finish the metal parts and braiding and such and then post them.

  3. Thanks, Stokes. Presumably you saved the version I put on the webspace temporarily? I did see it in use on your blog - looks rather good, I thought! :-) I did notice, though, that the blog has done to the version on your blog what it did originally to mine - it has expanded it immensely. Most curious behaviour.

    Thanks, SC. I'm afraid I just can't resist these Prussian uniform variants. :-) I look forward to seeing the other Prussian infantry templates posted on your blog; let me know when you do in case I don't spot them myself. Thanks.

    You'll have to raise some armies in 54mm so you can put in all that lovely detail. ;-)

    I think I might do some Austrian cavalry next - probably dragoons followed by cuirassiers.



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